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Testimonials about Digless Fencing Solutions


Old Fart Fencers Testimonial

Shorty's Fencing, Winnipeg Manitoba
George Thiessen: 71 years old, owned Shorty's Fencing for 48 years.

Has installed pvc fences on pipe for 12 years.  We were a chain link fence company and said we are not going to dig holes and use concrete.
1. With concrete there is too much heaving in our soil conditions.
2. If you ever have to repair or make adjustments its to hard with concrete.
3. If you don't drive past the frost you will have heaving, plus one screw later, you can adjust.
4. In the south, in the USA, you would never believe but they have ground moving due to dryness, again, one screw away from adjustment.
5. Labour savings are astronomical.  The adjustability of the post collars saves you hours say if you hit a root and you are 1/2 inch out it makes a huge difference in time.
Affordability:  One person can do in 5 minutes what 2 could comparably do in 20 minutes.

Me and Leon are both retired now but we like to do the odd pvc fence.  To be honest,  if we did it with concrete at our age, we would never do it.,

"They call us the old fart fencers because we are both 70 plus."


Digless Dave

Digless Dave

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