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Common Questions

About Digless Fencing Solutions


Below you will find answers to questions you may have about this revolutionary new fencing process. If you have a question in addition to those listed here please feel free to contact us.

Click here for complete easy to follow installation instructions.


Do you sell fencing?
No. Our main product is the patented collar that is used with a steel post. All of the other materials used in your fence project can generally be purchased from local stores or online.


How many collars do I need?
Two for each post.


How screws per collar do I need?
Three screws for each collar.


What’s the diameter of the steel post?

It is 1.90 inches and is commonly referred to as “1 7/8” or “2” inch pipe.
We now carry collars for 1 5/8" and 2 3/8 pipe.

Three sizes of collars


How thick does the pipe have to be?
 The thickness can be schedule 20 or lighter.


How long does the steel pipe have to be?
See ‘getting started”, add the amount required “above ground” to the amount required “below ground” and that’s your tube length. Usually 6,7,or 8 feet will cover most installations.


How do I get the post into the ground?
The steel posts can be pounded in by hand using a manual post pounder that is generally available at a farm supply store. (sometimes referred to as "T post pounders"). These can be as inexpensive as 25 dollars. Another option is the air powered post pounders, they are faster and are advised for bigger fence projects. They may be available from your local tool rental store.

If your local tool rental store does not have a pneumatic post driver, please ask them to contact us. We think Tool rental shops will want to carry our pounder once they understand our new digless fencing system. More and more customers will be coming in and wanting to rent a pounder. We are distributors for the Picket Post Pounder; for more information see our products page.


What size / type screw should I use to secure the collar to the pipe and the vinyl post to the collars?
Stainless Steel - #10 x ¾” - hex head – self tapping screw. We can supply them with your order.


Can I use this system for my deck or patio?
YES! We sell a pipe with a flange welded to it, the flange has four holes to bolt to a deck or cement. The flange locates the bottom of the vinyl post, and just one adjustable collar is required near the top. Use the adjustability of the collar to compensate for unevenness of the mounting surface.


Are there any governmental code issues to use this installation method?
This depends on your local zoning laws. This system has been in use successfully for over 12 years in the brutal winter conditions in Canada. The system has proven itself. Contractors that have switched to this system won’t go back. They know it works; they have seen the proof.


Digless Dave

Digless Dave


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