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The Digless Advantage


What are the advantages of this revolutionary installation system?


No waiting for cement to cure, no holes to dig.



No digging deep holes, No heavy lifting, No power auger to fight with.


No left over dirt to clean up, No mixing cement / concrete, No spilled cement.


 Easy, unscrew damaged fence section, slide off, slide on new panel. If a post was damaged, the pipe can be "jacked" or pulled out, and a new one installed. Then just reassemble.


The whole fence can be disassembled, pipes jacked out, and all can be reused. Try that with vinyl post that are full of concrete.


The digless Advantage Digless Advantage

These photos illustrate how our adjustable collar compensates for crooked posts to produce a straight & level vinyl fence.




Digless Dave

Digless Dave

Our Story

Many years ago A Canadian expert fence installer, Joe Froese, was working hard digging holes to install a vinyl fence when he said to himself, “there has to be an easier way”.


He started thinking about how he could install vinyl fence faster, easier, cleaner, and get better results than the conventional way of digging holes and mixing cement. He spent a lot of time trying different ideas, until he came up with the adjustable two piece collar and steel pipe system. He did it! Joe developed a Fast, Easy, Clean, Strong way to install vinyl fence that is “Straight N’ Level”, and it became the name of his Canadian company.


Twelve years later, Paul Kingsbury saw the advantage of the steel pipe and collar system and started a new company, Digless Fencing Solutions. DFS supplies the US market with Straight N’ Level products, as well as Picket Post Drivers, and Emax air compressors. As we learn of our customers additional needs, other high quality products will be added.



~~ Digless Fencing Solutions, a subsidiary of Kingsbury Konstruction, Inc.  ~~