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Digless Fencing Solutions

U.S. distributor of Straight N Level products


Adjustable Collar"Straight N' Level" products offer a revolutionary way to install vinyl fence and railings without digging or the use of concrete. The key component is a patented adjustable collar that is slid over a steel pipe that is pounded into the ground. Adjustability in all directions allows for a strong and remarkably straight and level vinyl fence.


Why is it easier?

Let me describe the steps in the basic installation of the steel pipe and collar system, and why it is easier will become obvious.

First make sure you have obtained any required building permits that your area requires. Second, because a pipe driven into the ground can damage utility lines, make sure you call 811, it’s the “call before you dig number”. You’ll tell them your location, where on your property you will be “digging” (we know you won’t be actually digging), so they can come out and locate underground utilities.

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It's the Best Way to Install a Vinyl Fence




Click arrow on the image above to view a video demonstrating the quick, easy, clean and strong way to install vinyl fencing.





Digless Dave

Digless Dave


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Picket Post Driver

A great addition to our line of easy to use Vinyl fence installation products!


Picket post pounder

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